Welcome to Clever Rust, where sculptor and metal fabricator, Brian E. Jones now provides online access to viewing and acquiring his unique creations crafted from re-purposed metal.

Better Brian and bird

Growing up in Seattle in The Sixties eventually landed Brian on the Queen Anne Hill doorstep of the famous Love Family. Branded a “cult” by the media, The Love Family was a commune that over the years acquired several more communal properties in addition to its original Seattle network of houses. One of these properties was a 160 acre homestead on the Kenai Peninsula, near Homer, Alaska. One of the pioneers who called this place home, was Brian.

Brian recalls the Alaskan state bird in this metal rendering welded true to the size of the artist’s memory.

Mosquito 3 with tape

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Brian is known for his re-purposing of rusty metal objects into various animals, insects and animal-like creatures full of unique character. After 14 years with The Love Family, Brian found his way to Whidbey Island just north of Seattle, WA where he began offering his metal creations to the public.

stair rail



In addition to his metal art, Brian also continues to offer custom metal fabrication services. For more information, please visit brianjonesmetalworks.com